Social Media Marketing & Training

Content Creation

One of the unique strengths of our Business is the depth and breadth of our in-house content capabilities. We create content that answers our clients’ business needs by elevating their brands through the power of story. We put together fresh conceptual thinking with flawless execution.

Facebook Management

We’ll administer your Facebook page, keeping it updated, interactive & interesting on a daily basis. Because multimedia “especially pictures” are proven to evoke more of a response from your Facebook fans, we’ll incorporate images, videos, links and text in your daily status updates to encourage participation.

Twitter Management

Your Twitter account will be updated daily, we will use only hand curated and written tweets just for your area of expertise. Our team of trained social media specialists will use #hashtags where appropriate to encourage external discovery of your content as well.

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is appearing more and more in the Google’s search result pages – it’s imperative you have a presence there. We’ll help by ensuring your LinkedIn Company Page or Personal Profile is updated with industry-specific news and insights.

Pinterest Management

We will post relevant content to your Pinterest boards as this is now a priority with the platform growing at such a rapid rate. With the added bonus of linking to your website to drive new traffic Home.

YouTube Management

With today’s Video Marketing taking over our social media world YouTube is the hub to house and interact with your followers through Google+ YouTube Is a very powerful Platform if used with Google+

Social Media Marketing 

The content we create for your business encourages B2C marketing, resulting in increased traffic to your website streaming from your social media channels.

Social Media Management

We take the reins of your social media networks and provide content to your followers whilst upholding the key values and vision of your business.

Social Media Strategy

We will create a social media strategy plan that we then monitor, implement and adjust according to changes within your business or changes within your industry.